2021 Apr 2

AGP and ABC 2021 Contemporary Ballet Solo Scoring Criterion:

In order to help our jury members to rate contemporary ballet solo, starting from 2021, our two international dance competitions will simultaneously adopt the scoring criterion developed and created specifically for dance competitions recommended by the committee for the International Alliance of Professional Dance Schools (IAPDS).

The new score table will quote various elements of contemporary dance. Our organizing committee will email this new scoring criterion information and the definitions of terms that will be used in this scoring table to all registered participants, hoping that the participants and their instructors will use it as a reference when preparing their entry videos.

ABC 2021及AGP 2021 Contemporary Ballet Solo 現代芭蕾評分標準

為了幫助評委員給現代芭蕾舞獨舞評分,2021年起我們的兩個國際舞蹈比賽將會同時採納由 The Committee for the International Alliance of Professional Dance Schools (IAPDS)推薦專為舞蹈比賽而研發創立的評分標準。

新的評分表會引用了現代舞蹈的各種元素。 有關評分表中會使用到的術語的定義。籌委會會將比賽評分資料電郵給各已完成注冊的參賽者,希望讓參賽者、其導師在準備參賽作品錄像時以作參考。

2021 Apr 1

Benefits of becoming a member of ABC Club

ABC CLUB provides better communication, privacy protection, sharing platform, and provides more services and discounts for all participating schools.

Enjoy benefit period starts from the registration date until 31st December, 2021


ABC CLUB提供更好的溝通,隱私保護,共享平台,並為所有參與學校提供更多服務和折扣。 享受利益期間從註冊日期起至2021年12月31日止

2021 Mar 27

1.  ABC CLUB is now open for dance school applying

2. Registration Pages are back in service 

2021 Mar 08

1.   New Rules & Regulations for ABC 2021, check it out before registration.

2.   New RECOMMEND COMPETITION MUSIC are ready, music are also applicable for AGP Regionals and Final Competitions。