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ABC 2018 Photos & Video Order  

ABC 2018 訂購相片及影片

ABC official photographer and videographer will take performing photos and video for all candidates.
Photo order includes 5 photos, and Video order is your performance.
Please fill in the the form, and pay by Paypal or Credit Card.
(Only accepting online order)
ABC 大會已安排專業人員於比賽全程拍攝高質素之相片及影片。
請填妥以下表格,並以Paypal 或信用卡付款。​​
Photo: HK$280  /  Video: $380
相片:港幣$280  / 影片:港幣$380
* Photo & Video Special Discount Package: HK$500 (Offer until 2018/8/8)
*相片和影片套裝優惠 :港幣$500 (優惠價結束日期為 2018年8月8日)
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